Daily monitoring is the ability to have your own Nutrition Specialist available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to handle all your questions and concerns. 

Our monitoring program offers something no other program does which is the ability to address every diet related issue immediately.

If you have a question just send it in through text and your nutrition expert will send you a response on what to do or adjustments to make to keep you on track. 

If a phone call is needed one will be scheduled by your expert.

Who receives it?

Every new client who signs up with any of our plans will receive 7 or 14 days of unlimited monitoring support.

How does the 24/7 monitoring work?

Every Sunday you’re given a weekly pounds target you must reach in 7 days.

Beginning on Monday you will text your weight every day after you wake up to your nutrition expert.

Why Weigh Every Day?

How can you say you can't lose weight without a way to verify it each day? Your expert also needs to identify a problem immediately or at least by the second day because it can escalate. So if you only weigh on Mondays and Saturdays it's hard to address a weight issue that may have occurred on a Tuesday Wednesday Thursday or Friday.

For Example:

Let's say you weigh 245.5 pounds on a Monday. If  given a 5 pound target or you must reach 240.5 pounds in 7 days or by Sunday. During the week your nutrition expert will not only look at your weight each day but other contributing factors like weight gain triggers that affect your weight. All those triggers are explained in your blueprint 

Why is it so popular?

Our clients love the Daily Accountability. When you know you must report every day it keeps you more focused and committed to stay on your diet. It’s also good to know you’re never alone during the process. A problem you may see as something major you'r nutrition experts may see as something very fixable based not their vast knowledge.


Subscription Monitoring:

After your initial 7 or 14 days of monitoring ends and you decide you’re not exactly ready to go on your own you’ll have a choice of continuing the program on one of our 3 subscription plans.

We offer limited checkins at a reasonable rate. 

1 day a week (Sunday checkin) $20 month 

2 days a week (Sunday/Thursday checkin) $30 month

3 days a week (Sunday/Wednesday/Friday checkin) $40 month 

Just Signup on the Subscription Page 

Note: subscriptions are for members who bought and finished their initial monitoring. New clients will not be able to purchase a subscription.