Our Clients Achieve Full Body Transformations 

From Our Customized Meal Plans 

And We Don’t Teach Weight Loss or Cardio !

Who Are We ?

Sports Nutrition Made Simple (SNMS) is an Advanced Nutrition Program that provides Customized Meal Plans to people throughout the United States and every continent in the world. No matter where you live we can provide a meal plan for you. 

Now this isn’t a standard calorie counting or macro based program. In none of the over 6,000 meal plans we’ve created for our customers will you find a “calorie” total on the bottom of the meal plan, or find the word “macros” being used.

Why not? You will learn they have no connection to your weight loss journey. But what you will find is a simple lesson in science and biology on how the foods you eat break down to determine fat loss. You’ll learn exactly how much of a food to eat by the ounce to guaranteed it’s metabolized properly without being stored as fat or causing muscle loss. 

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The program was created over 6 years ago by Wahday a dietitian with a specialty in the science of sports nutrition and food metabolization. These meal plans aren’t standard but advanced and customized for every client to have them looking perfect naked. 

If you follow Ben Diesel he’s the first client who went through Wahday’s program when he weighed over 400 pounds. His transformation took about 9 months and has since teamed up with Wahday to create this power house of a program.  

How Does The Program Work?

Each person who signs up will get a 3, 4 or 5 pound weight loss target they have to meet in 7 days. If you receive a 4 pound a week goal your plan is designed with exact food portions to eat by the ounce to reach it. If we give you 2 ounces of brown rice that means 3 ounces is too much and you can’t have it. It will be stored as fat. 

Plus unlike other plans, it’s designed to not have you lose … Water weight or … Muscle weight … but to lose the actual layer of fat you have on top of your muscle. 

So how is that possible?

It starts with the “protein” not many people know your muscles are made up of protein and water primarily so if you eat too little protein per day there is muscle wasting (meaning muscle is lost, not fat loss the next day when you get on the scale), and if you’re eating too much protein, there is fat storage along with other problems up to and including problems with acid buildup and your kidneys. 

But don’t worry we do all the figuring out for you to make sure that doesn’t occur. We give you a minimum and maximum protein requirement for each day to guarantee it. 

Each meal plan is customized or pre customized specifically for you from a questionnaire you fill out and details…

1. the exact time to eat, 2. the exact food portion to eat measured by the ounce, 3. the exact waiting time before eating again, 4. the exact time to drink water, 5. The exact time to wait after eating a meal before you can do cardio or workout.

Day 1:

Each person gets on the scale naked after waking up. The information in your customized meal plan helps to guarantee that 3, 4 or 5 pound weight loss each week.  There is a 2 pound or 2.5 pound a week target for those who are lighter and don’t need to lose that much fat. But 95% of our customers fit into the 3 to 5 pound range. 

Day 2:

The scale goes down. Not only do you see a weight loss daily but it is also designed to fix the many health problems many people suffer from like borderline or type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, visceral fat, thyroid problems, slow metabolism etc.

What also separates SNMS from other programs is each new customer has a Nutrition Coach they report their weight to each day.

The process is each person after waking up gets on the scale naked and reports their weight by text to their nutrition coach. That expert evaluates each one of those texts and gives advice on what changes to make if they see a problem.

But not only do they send their weight to their Coach but they also send a report of their weight gain triggers they learned from the program that affects their weight each day. They are…                               

1. Weight: 

2. Sleep: 

3. Bathroom:

4. Cardio minutes:

5. Strength training minutes:

There is no other program that provides this service. It allows you to have peace of mind knowing you’re not alone during your fat loss journey and also will be held accountable if you make mistakes. 

The structure and regiment of each plan will guarantee not just a fat loss to make you look better in clothes but an extreme fat loss to have you look Perfect Naked. Just take a look at the thousands of our clients pictures we post on instagram and this website as proof of the results we provide. 

In order for that to happen you have to reverse the general priority of exercise and weight lifting to the back and move nutrition to the front in terms of importance. Because this program is geared to change your body fat composition quickly nutrition now becomes not 80 or 85% of importance but 99.9%. 

Why is Nutrition so important?
Look at this example: If you did 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of strength training or a lifting class but then had an after workout meal of “brown rice, chicken breast and broccoli” with a tablespoon of olive oil on the chicken breast or in the brown rice you just ruined or negated all the hard work you did in the gym.     

Why? Because olive oil has 14 grams of fat per tablespoon … But isn’t it the good healthy fat? …Yes, other programs say you can have it. Personal trainers say you can have it. Google says it’s a necessary HDL fat …   

So why can’t SNMS clients have it? At 14 grams it has much too much fat per tablespoon. It’s great if you just want a healthy lifestyle diet but you’ll receive slower losses. SNMS clients want more so we teach them the nutrition secrets no one told them about. The studies and science shows that 6 grams of fat is the maximum amount of fat to take in each meal to “constantly stay in fat burning mode” throughout the day. So the olive oil at 14 grams of fat is now replace with the olive oil “spray” which has 0 grams of fat and is found in the same isle in every supermarket.

So if you ever had a hard time losing the love handles or pouch on bottom of your stomach doing extra abs work doesn’t help. It’s a problem something as simple as replacing the “cooking oil liquid” with the “cooking spray” could fix. Under our program you become an expert at looking at labels properly. Most people just look at and stop at the “calories line” never knowing that right under it is “Fat grams” so for years they thought they were reading labels properly when they weren’t. You will also have a “Carbohydrates” and most importantly “Protein” requirement to stay within. 

The Weight Gain Triggers and Texting Service:

Once a new customer receives and studies their plan they will learn the weight gain triggers that can stop them from losing weight immediately each day.  

They are…

Sleep - customers will text their sleep hours each day (if you don’t get enough sleep you won’t lose as much fat.)

Bathroom - customers will text if they had a bowel movement each day. (If you don’t go waste isn’t leaving your body and the scale won’t go down).

Aerobic Cardio (no regular cardio) - customers will text the cardio minutes they did 
Strength Training - customers will text the strength training minutes they did

Because each person weighs daily if one of the above triggers is off they will learn from their nutrition coach what changes to make to fix the problem. 

The texts between customers are in real time with real people so you’re not getting standard replies from bots. If there is a problem or have a question just send a text and wait for your reply. 

The Education Process:
SNMS also teaches their customers the actual nutrition science on how to lose fat. Each meal plan explains the “why” we need a certain food the “how” it breaks down and the “how much” by the ounce to eat your body can metabolize safely. If you get 2 ounces of a certain food in your meal plan to eat it usually means 3 ounces is too much food and the added 1 ounce is stored as fat.

Each meal plan is designed by exact time to eat, exact time to drink water and exact waiting times to have next meal. If you eat too soon or too late there are consequences. 

There are no general or vague rules to follow like eat small portions various times a day. We use your schedule as a guide and tell you the exact times and amounts.

The teaching process starts by breaking down real definitions and literal meanings between commonly used “weight loss catch phrases.” 

Most weight loss terms used and jingles sound good mainly because they are used and repeated so much over the years. But what do they really mean and how do you apply them to your specific weight loss problem?

Let’s compare some: 

Companies talk about “weight loss” - we talk about “fat loss.”
You can take a “water pill” and lose “water weight.”     
You can do “hours of cardio” and lose “muscle weight.”    
You can go on a “vegan diet” and also lose “muscle weight” because most vegan diets lack the necessary daily amounts of protein needed when working out so muscle is lost.

All 3 examples cause weight lose where the down side is a loss of muscle which causes loose skin, stretch marks and not a tight toned firm body. You can lose the weight but not look very healthy in the process. 

Just think about it have you ever known someone who lost a lot of weight but weren’t totally happy because their body doesn’t look good or isn’t tight outside their clothes? SNMS teaches you how to not have that happen to you. 

Other companies talk about counting calories - we talk about counting “grams”. We teach you the difference and why none of our clients count calories.

They say “do” cardio to burn fat. We say do “aerobic cardio.” There is a huge difference that most people never knew about.

Cardio builds stamina endurance lung capacity and is great for athletes who need to do it for sporting events. But on the downside cardio also burns muscle.

Aerobic cardio burns fat almost exclusively when doing it correctly. The people who do aerobic cardio want to fill out that bikini for a women and have a muscular 6 pack for a man. They don’t want to be skinny fat. 

A great example for women is a long distance or marathon runner versus a short distance or 80 to100 meter runner or sprinter. 
Just pull up any Youtube video. You’ll notice that distance runners are super fit but not that tight and toned. Their arms may still be a little loose their bra area not as tight and the same problem of loose skin across the glutes which are not as firm or tight. A Short distance or aerobic cardio runner has a much tighter or firmer body with arms legs glutes hamstrings all more toned and tighter.

Sometimes the weight training can’t compensate or fixed what you lose by doing too much cardio. 

They say to watch your macros - we say it should be called “watch your grams” and we teach you how and the difference. 

They say Intermittent Fasting is Good For Weight Loss - we say yes it is but the “weight” you’re losing is muscle.

Intermittent fasting is one of the worse things you can do to lose weight. 

Why? How it works is biologically if you go past a certain “amount of hours” of not eating once you wake up your body senses a problem and the biological defense mechanism we all are born with takes over. It’s called survival or starvation mode. In it your body will start to burn muscle and hold on to your fat to use as insulation and source of long term energy when we don’t eat past a certain amount of hours. So it eats up your muscle first. So all the weight you lose intermittent fasting is muscle which again leads to loose skin stretch marks and an unhealthy body. But don’t worry your new customized meal plan stops and teaches you how to fix it.

There are others we list below we brake down in the program. 

You Must Do Keto - no

Snacking Is Fine - no

Emotional Eating Is A Real Diagnosis - no

Psychology of Eating Is useful - no

Those are words many were told they either needed to understand or they were the reason why they couldn’t lose weight. 

Watching your macros came out of no where the last few years and it’s one of the most misunderstood and improperly used phrases many people use as a determining factor when dieting.

Watching your Macros is controlling your “fats, carbs and protein grams” you consume each day. But we say what’s the point of watching your macros if you don’t know the exact “minimum or maximum” each meal your body can metabolize safely without fat storage? 

So What is that “fat” macro limit? 
Here’s the science we explain in common sense...
Let’s say before “watching your macros” you may have averaged 18 grams of “fat macros” each meal. Now that you’re on your new weight loss journey you cut them down to 12 grams of “fat macros” each meal. 

So what’s the problem, 12 grams of fat is pretty low right? Yes, but not on our program. 

All of our clients learn that 12 grams of fat is too much to constantly stay in fat burning mode throughout the day. Taking in 12 grams of fat per meal will take you a much longer time to get lean. 

If you saw our clients results it all came from “lowering their fat grams to 6 from whatever number they had previously.

And many had no idea what fat grams they started with or reduced to ... but they did know they were “watching their macros.”  

So 6 grams is the maximum each meal they are allowed to eat without the extra grams being stored as fat. So 6 is fine, 7 is not. 

On the SNMS Program it will teach you everything you need to know in a simple step by step easy to follow blueprint.  

All of the people posted on the website and Instagram pages are actually SNMS clients. Their results are from following their meal plan customized for them. And all clients are tagged. 

Many other Instagram pages steal pictures or repost random people who may look good but that instagram page and business had nothing to do with their success.

Have Questions and not ready to signup yet? Speak to the “man behind the plan” who created and designed this program. 

You can hire and Schedule a 1 on 1 Consultation with Wahday our expert dietician who is a specialist in the science of Sports Nutrition who designed this program. You can speak to many other experts and trainers but none have the insight and knowledge you’ll receive from Wahday.

You’ll get answers to all your nutrition and training related questions. For training he’ll teach you how to structure your workouts by body part and days. White and red muscle fibers, fast twitch slow twitch muscles and what they mean, ATP and Creatine energy systems, how many reps to do to build muscle versus reps to do to get lean and ripped. How long to wait between each set and more. Your whole philosophy on nutrition and training will change after speaking to Wahday. 

   1 Hour Consultation

How Much Would You Pay

For A Life Changing Transformation ?

$1,000?   $800?  $500?  $350?


We Know The Value Of What We Do 

But During The Pandemic We Decided To Reach More People Who Were Compounding An Already Stressful Situation By Not Eating Properly

So We Temporarily Lowered Our

Already Low Rates ... Even Lower

So Hurry And Sign Up Soon!


Our Plans and Rates 

See “Buy A Plan” on Menu for full descriptions and Plan Options:

Bronze Plan - $100 Non Customized Plan no workout 3 checkins over 7 days 

Silver Plan - $120 Meat substitutes only Non Customized Plan 3 checkins over 7 days

Gold Plan - $140 Non Customized Plan w/workout 3 checkins over 7 days 

Platinum Plan - $200 Fully Customized Plan 14 consecutive days of monitoring w/workout 

How simple is signing up?

1. Pick A Plan and Sign Up through the website.

2. Once you make a purchase you’ll receive a Questionnaire that goes directly to your email address. Please check spam and contact us if you don’t receive your questionnaire. 

3. Fill out the questionnaire and hit submit button. 

4. It takes 7 days to receive your plan back.

Once you receive your plan “by email” study, go shopping and contact your nutrition expert whose name will be on last page of your packet when ready to have questions answered and get tested by quiz before starting.

You’ll also be trained and food prepped before starting.

Please view our Video on the Website Menu on How to Measure Pasta properly

Due your Due Diligence 

Before you signup please feel free to contact our clients and read our testimonials and reviews.

We are a one stop shopping program that provides the meal plan blueprint, continued monitoring support, a workout plan, the science and weight gain triggers, meal prepping and all the data and analytics to make your time with us successful.

And once you do get started you’ll identify immediately why you had problems previously on other plans and wish you would have signed up sooner.

While one “well known company” may call your weight loss problems “psychological” another company claims they need to make sure your “blood type is compatible” to the foods you eat. We say nonsense and that’s ridiculous ... just take out the high fat olive oil and nuts ... problem solved. 

Sorry No Vegan or Vegetarian Plans. 
One of the reasons we decline to do vegan or vegetarian meal plans for fat loss is because it’s impossible to get the adequate amount of protein without adding extra carbs and fats well above we we teach. Most vegan plans on the market now lack the adequate protein that’s needed once you add workouts into the program. That causes a not tight, firm, toned with muscle finished body when naked, but a slim not muscle toned skinny finished product. For women it leads to your glutes (buttocks) becoming flabby. Now most women want their bodies to be firm tight and toned. On vegan plans it’s almost impossible no matter how much working out is done. 

Once again our clients we post actually followed and went through our program and are tagged so feel free to contact and ask them about their experiences. 

We just gave you a little bit of information on what we do and how we can help you. But there is much more information that we didn’t discuss you’ll discover in your program when you signup.

Hopefully you’ll join the team and allow SNMS to get you there to enjoy all the benefits you deserve. 

Thanks for your interest.